About DPCF — Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Our Mission

[rescue_column size=”two-third” position=”first”] As a charter of the Florida Democratic Party, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is built on the foundation of the progressive history and values of the Democratic Party. The DPCF works to develop and promote these core Democratic principles with members throughout Florida who work to strengthen the relationship between the progressive community and the Democratic Party.
[/rescue_column] [rescue_column size=”one-third” position=”last”] The Objectives of the DPCF:

  • To advance progressive candidacies
  • To promote progressive legislation
  • To provide outreach to the community progressive issues
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Our Activities

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida will:
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  • Mobilize grassroots progressives in the political process
  • Empower grassroots progressives in building the Party
  • Organize the progressive community and represent the voices of grassroots progressive people around Florida
  • Recruit, represent and intensify the voices of grassroots progressive activists
  • Work at local levels to build a progressive bench of candidates
  • Support progressive candidates and legislators through education and fundraising
  • Strengthen the Florida Democratic Party and help to elect Democrats
  • Work to ensure that elected officials are held accountable to the voters
  • Educate Florida voters about progressive positions and analysis on issues
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  • Advocate by providing input into the process for the appointment of progressive candidates to government boards, commissions and other similar bodies
  • Advocate by promoting and preparing progressive candidates for appointment to government boards, commissions and other similar bodies
  • Advocate for progressive solutions to the challenges confronting Florida
  • Advocate and promote progressive legislation though education, community organizing, and direct action
  • Encourage and help the Florida Democratic Party pursue more progressive policies
  • Strengthen the Democratic Party by promoting the progressive values of justice, equality, freedom, opportunity, diversity, inclusion and security
  • Engage progressive Florida voters by acting as a medium to communicate their issues